India In Chaos



Criminalisation of politics is amongst the most conspicuous causes of our governments failing perennially in accomplishing the fundamental incumbencies of the Constitution.

"Nation" and the "Law of Humanity" stand above all other considerations and demand for the care of perennially deprived and suffering people first, which have remained woe-betide and economically enslaved for long 68 years for "no fault of theirs" due to incapable and tainted guardians in the system.

Apparently, these suffering people are the lone innocent victims in the whole gambit. On the other hand, the tainted Legislators, who
carry criminal charges on them, enjoy liberty, dignity and authority. These dubious characters are the major cause of the plight of our suffering people and dilapidation of the nation.

'Innocent suffering' and 'tainted Legislators enjoying liberty' is an abuse to the 'law of the land'.


Logically speaking, when we don't hire a tainted employee even at a lower level at homes, offices, businesses or industries, how can we permit such dubious characters to run a nation as mammoth as India with 137 crore people (by 2019)?
The Legislature cannot always play a Nero and shut its eyes towards the consistent regression of the nation and the continually deteriorating plight of our mammoth impoverished and deprived masses

I will like to strongly submit that "no law can be legal (even in the guise of RP Act)" if it is the root cause of perennial sufferings and impoverishment of our large populace.

"Parliament's power to amend the Constitution did not extend Parliament the power to tampering with its basic structure or framework".

The purpose of the Constitution is welfare of the people, not the Legislators, Misuse of RP Act and defiance of Article 13 are the evils Of all evils that have sent the 'Nation' to shambles And 'people' to rags and tatters


Our present 'elections due process' permitting freebies and nagging and accusing opposite parties and candidates is ominous and self-destructive. This irrational process must be banished with all might for the good of the 'people' and saving the 'nation'.


The above Details are Only Biref Submissions. For Details Plesase Refer the book,"India in Chaos, Only Judiciary Can Save "